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#Hacked by Xscyth3

║                                                                                      ║
║ Greetings to you Admin:                                                              ║
║ It seems you did not fix some minor vulnerabilities                                  ║
║ before uploading to your WebServer. Please Patch it.                                 ║
║ Maybe your'e thinking that i defaced your site for Fun & Fame.                       ║
║ Nope.! You're Wrong. I am here to prove that your site was still vulnerable.         ║
║ It is better to improve your security more.                                          ║
║ Dont Panic, Keep Calm. No files Deleted or Modified during the Hacking Process.      ║
║ Fix your site A.S.A.P!. Before Stupid Pentesters make serious damage to this site.!  ║
║                                                                                      ║
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